The Dream of Vibrant Communities 

When Habitat Chesapeake builds a home, we want to ensure it is in a neighborhood that families will want to call home for the next 30 years or more. There are dozens of communities across Central Maryland that have significant assets – from parks, to transit access, to strong anchor institutions – but need additional resources to realize their full potential. We select where we work carefully, looking for these existing assets as well as engaged local residents, businesses, fellow nonprofit organizations and civic groups who are already working on other community development initiatives. As Habitat Chesapeake brings visible investment in the form of new and rehabilitated homes and engaged, long-term residents, we are also working alongside community partners to advocate for other projects and improvements.that create stronger, safer, healthier and more vibrant communities. 

Among the developments Habitat Chesapeake is proud to have supported are:


Mount Winans

  • Upgraded playground equipment
  • Installation of stormwater management features on playground and open spaces 
  • Demolition of derelict public housing complex and creation of open space
  • Demolition of derelict former school building
  • Community planning process to determine future of school lot (in progress)


  • Demolition of abandoned buildings on 1100 and 1200 blocks of Ward St.
  • Installation of stormwater management features
  • Installation of parking lot for Paul’s Place Outreach Center (in progress)
  • Installation of community garden (in progress)
  • Enhanced street lighting on Ward St. (in progress)


  • Installation of new tree pits and planter boxes on streets surrounding New Song Academy 
  • Support for Crazy Wheelz Bike Club which offers free bikes to kids participating in community service


  • New and enhanced street lighting
  • Speed bump installation
  • Upgraded park playground equipment
  • Demolition of dangerous, derelict building
  • Clearing of vacant lots
  • Glenwood Life Community Garden support and maintenance
  • Ongoing participation in the York Road Partnership supporting initiatives to increase business development, access to healthy food, educational opportunities and affordable housing options in the York Road Corridor