Where We Work

Habitat Chesapeake began serving the Baltimore area more than 30 years ago. Over time, three Central Maryland-based affiliates have merged, creating Habitat Chesapeake which now serves Anne Arundel, Baltimore and Howard counties, as well as Baltimore City. By combining forces, Habitat Chesapeake is able to partner with more Central Maryland families than ever before - hardworking partners in need of decent, affordable homeownership opportunities across the 1,000+ square miles of service area. Serving such a unique and diverse region, Habitat Chesapeake rehabilitates both urban rowhouses and single family homes, as well as completing new home construction across three counties.

Anne Arundel, Baltimore and Howard County

The high cost of living and property prices in Anne Arundel, Baltimore and Howard counties are among the highest in the nation. Therefore, many individuals and families cannot qualify for traditional mortgages, leaving them with no option but to rent a home.

While renting might provide a decent place to live, leasing does not provide the financial benefits associated with homeownership. Monthly rent does not build equity and increases the likelihood that a family will move more frequently. Because of the lack of affordable homes for sale in these counties, Habitat Chesapeake works to increase affordable homeownership opportunities for individuals in these areas. We are always interested in the opportunity to acquire donated property or real estate at a significantly reduced rate in order to serve more area families in need.

Baltimore City

With major ports and a large number of tourist and historical attractions, many areas of Baltimore City are thriving. However, other once-booming neighborhoods that were developed in response to industrial and port jobs are now struggling, as work has left the local area. As a result, there are many stressed neighborhoods that have fallen victim to urban slums. In these weakened communities, education often suffers and the risk of drug- and gang-related problems increase. Many of these areas have become food deserts where grocery stores and other options for fresh, healthy food are not available to local residents.

Under these conditions, slumlords have become a scourge for many city residents by charging overpriced rent for substandard living conditions. With a commitment to revitalizing these communities, Habitat Chesapeake partners with the City of Baltimore, as well as other area entities and nonprofit organizations to transform these homes and neighborhoods into healthy places for families to live.

While homeownership helps families build equity and feel safe, it also benefits the community. As residents take pride in and care for the structure they call home, it encourages others to do that same and helps to build and maintain a healthy neighborhood. In addition to better homes, Habitat Chesapeake also incorporates the work of community associations as an important entity within a healthy neighborhood. With these tools, Habitat Chesapeake continues to successfully rebuild homes and communities for families and neighbors throughout Baltimore City.

See our work in Baltimore City one neighborhood at a time:

Visit our Featured Project to learn more about one of the nine neighborhoods in which we are currently building. For a list of all homes under construction, visit our site map.