Building Strength, Stability and Self-Reliance through Service

At Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake we believe that every individual, regardless of who they are or where we come from, deserves a decent and affordable place to call home. Having a safe place to lay your head at night is the first step in building strength, stability, and self-reliance for the future. But believing is not enough. So we build.

When Habitat Chesapeake builds houses, we also build bridges between people of diverse backgrounds who come together and share in the fulfillment of a vision. This vision represents what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called the Beloved  Community. As January 19, the National Day of Service in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. approaches, it reminds us of the many helping hands who have played a critical role in serving our community. those individuals who have come together to not just build homes, but bridges that serve as connections between people of diverse backgrounds striving for a common goal: a fair and equitable society and a verdant and just Central Maryland.

This year, the National Day of Service looked a little different. With our communities on strict regulation due to COVID-19, we have decided to postpone our annual Martin Luther King Day of Service Build and use this moment in time to educate ourselves on the vision Dr. King so eloquently laid out before us, and the challenges we face in bringing it fully to fruition. We have decided to educate our team on redlining and housing discrimination in Baltimore by way of the Maryland Historical Society and have encouraged our staff to spend time reading The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein who in his text explains the need for the Fair Housing Act, its context and the consequences of barriers to equal and affordable housing.

Dr. Kings vision of the Beloved Community allows access, equality, and opportunity for all. Moreover, it fuels our belief that making homeownership accessible and affordable for low-income families is a critical component to creating the kind of future that Dr. King envisioned. We hope to remain carriers of his vision and doers of this “good work” through service, education and partnership.

Thank you for your partnership and your support in helping us bring people together to build homes, communities, hope…and a beloved community.