Dear Friends,

I wanted to share a personal reflection on Mother’s Day with you and the wider community of Habitat for Humanity supporters. 

Normally, Mother’s Day week is a very busy one for Habitat Chesapeake. We host several Women Build activities.

We also  receive and distribute Mother’s Day flowers planted and nurtured by sixth graders and St. Pauls School for Girls. 

It is special and poignant because about 90% of our homebuyers and Partner Families are women with children.

 On this Mother’s Day, I am writing now to thank you for caring.  I also wanted to plunge deeply into reflection about mothers and what they mean to us.

 From my own mother, I learned that kind hearts and big ideas go hand-in-hand.  My mother taught me no human being is better or worse than another.  We are distinguished only by our deepest values and willing serve others as ourselves. 

 From her unending service, I learned that one must be a steward of oneself in equal measure to those parts of oneself that one is called to give away in love.

 When thinking about my mother, I think of all of the mothers and children Habitat has helped. 

 I also think of people like my colleague, Leila Kohler-Frueh, who is caring for her children and family, while continuing her outreach and service to others. 

 And, so, I also wanted to share this video with you today:

Someone once said that motherhood is an attitude, not a biological relationship. 

This made me think of those who stand in place of mothers and offer embrace of love, support and guidance:  aunts, in-laws, grandparents, teachers, guidance counselors, spiritual counselors, social service professionals and others who offering mothering love.

I want to close with one last comment. The choral conductor of the renowned choir at my small Lutheran College composed a piece that was performed at the college’s monumental Christmas concert. 

In it, he says, “Mothering God, you gave me life.”  To me, it was a sweetly subversive way to say that love like a mother’s is at the root of all life.

Thank you for being part of the Habitat family. You give us hope.

Best regards,

Gregg Mitchell, Chief Advancement Officer