We’re Still Serving – Leading Families on the Path to Homeownership

Connections with our community, volunteers and homebuyer is an inherent aspect of what we do on a daily basis. Through our mission, we partner with families to educate them on long-term investments, rally alongside volunteers to build homes, and cheer on homebuyers as they accept the keys to their first home.

Today, in the wake of COVID-19 and in a time of social distancing, we are faced with the challenge of maintaining and strengthening meaningful connections that not only brings people together, but allows individuals and families to continue on the path to homeownership – helping them find safety stability, and shelter.

While COVID-19 has created hurdles for everyone, we have a message for those we serve: we are here.  We still are committed to supporting our homebuyers, educating our partner families, and recruiting applicants who are in need decent housing into our program, giving them access to affordable housing and a legacy for future generations. 

Habitat Chesapeake is adapting to meet the needs of the families we serve at a time where home is more important than ever before. Our homeownership team is now working remotely support our homebuyers and partner families’ financial wellness and home buying journeys. We are still processing applications, educating homebuyers, and keeping families on the path to homeownership.

In-person homebuyer information sessions have been moved to an accessible online setting, one-on-one partner family meetings are being conducted virtually, and a new online Habitat Chesapeake Homebuyer Information Center is in the works. Additionally, we encourage individuals and families interested in affordable homeownership to still apply.

Having a safe place to call home has never meant more than it does today. In the wake of such uncertainty, we strive to be a constant voice on the importance of affordable homeownership bringing strength, self-reliance and stability throughout the Chesapeake region.


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