Own A Home - Application Process

How to Make Your Homeownership Dream a Reality

Habitat Chesapeake builds homes with partner families and sells the houses at no profit and no interest. The program prepares families to be successful homeowners.

Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake is an equal opportunity housing provider.  Habitat considers applicants without regard to race, religious preference, sex, gender, handicap, familial status or national origin.

Requirements to Become a Homebuyer

Habitat Chesapeake partner families must meet the following three requirements:

Ability to Pay

Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake partners with a unique group of deserving individuals—hardworking men and women who make enough money to pay a monthly mortgage, but not enough to qualify for traditional bank loans. Below is a chart of income guidelines for individuals and families qualified for the Habitat Chesapeake program.

People in Household Minimum Income Maximum Income
1 $19,950 $50,350
2 $22,800 $57,550
3 $25,650 $64,750
4 $28,450 $71,900
5 $30,750 $77,750
6 $33,740 $83,450
7 $38,060 $89,200
8 $42,380 $94,950

Guidelines are based on applicant's gross income (Source: HUD).

Income Stability

An applicant must have stable, verifiable employment and/or long-term stable benefits. Applicants must have uninterrupted employment for at least one year. 

Credit: We review credit reports for indications of homebuyer readiness, however applicants must meet the following credit guideline

  1. Have a minimum credit score of 600**
  2. Have no open judgments or liens at the time of application
  3. Bankruptcies must be discharged for 2 or more years
  4. Reasonable ratio of monthly debt payments to monthly income

**Other relevant positive payment history will be considered in the absence of traditional credit usage.

Need for Decent, Affordable Housing

Individuals and families must be in need of better living conditions. This includes living in overcrowded or deteriorating conditions, living with family or friends, or paying too much to rent a sub-standard house or apartment.

Willingness to Partner

To solidify the concept of partnership, homebuyers are required to invest "sweat equity" volunteer hours when purchasing a Habitat Chesapeake home. An individual homebuyer must complete 250 hours of sweat equity, 200 hours of volunteer service and 50 hours of homebuyer education. A two-adult household when applying as co-applicants, must complete 350 hours of sweat equity, 300 hours of volunteer service and 50 hours of homebuyer education. The homeowner(s) must complete 200 of the sweat equity hours themselves.

In return for this partnership, Habitat Chesapeake works with each partner family to ensure they have the credit and financial standing necessary to purchase their Habitat Chesapeake home, and the ability and commitment to make timely, no-interest monthly mortgage payments on their affordable home.

Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

If you think you may qualify for Habitat Chesapeake's homeownership program, after reading through the requirements above, we ask that you complete the pre-qualification questionnaire. The pre-qualification questionnaire is not a final application for homeownership.  This form is to help determine if the Habitat Chesapeake program might be a good fit for your household.  It’s one step in the process of applying for a home.  Click Here to Start the Process!

Local Assistance

For individuals and families in need of urgent assistance, there are a variety of organizations throughout Central Maryland that offer immediate housing assistance and other support services. Please review this list of partners for details and contact information.

For questions regarding the Habitat Chesapeake program, please call 410-366-1250 or email info@habitatchesapeake.org.