Where We Work

Since our founding in 1982, Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake has worked in 19 communities across Baltimore City and the surrounding Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Howard counties. We choose where to work very carefully, always striving to balance the affordability of acquiring and building in a given location with its desirability to homeowners and long-term potential for growth and appreciation.

789 homes

For over 40 years, Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake has built or renovated 789 homes in Baltimore City and Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Howard Counties.

new and rehab construction

While new construction is most efficient, we feel a strong commitment to rehabilitating properties given the vacancy and visible neglect facing so many communities, particularly in Baltimore City. We maintain a mix of new and rehab construction to balance costs and strive to create decent, energy efficient, 2-3 bedroom homes that families will be proud to own.

20+ homes in progress

At any given time, Habitat Chesapeake is actively working on more than 20 homes, bringing much-needed investment to underserved communities.

Serving Central Maryland

Central Maryland has some of the highest-priced pockets of real estate in the country. There are many communities where the costs to acquire and build are simply too high to be affordable for our homeowners.

Fortunately, central Maryland boasts many other neighborhoods with excellent qualities that are ready to take off with targeted investment and engaged residents.

What We Look For

At Habitat Chesapeake, we select where we build based on a variety of criteria, working alongside many collaborators to reinvigorate disinvested neighborhoods. 


  • strong community partners
  • anchor institutions and businesses
  • community development momentum
  • assets and amenities that attract potential homebuyers
  • affordable acquisition 
  • availability of contiguous properties & vacant property for new construction
  • funding available
  • improving sales and retail markets
  • consistency with Habitat’s legacy and commitments















From Sandtown-Winchester to Clay Street in Annapolis, Habitat Chesapeake has been building with communities for the past 40 years


Pigtown | Sandtown-Winchester


Orchard Ridge | Curtis Bay | & More!

Affordable Homes For All

Research shows that homeownership improves education and health incomes, provides stability, and builds generational wealth. Habitat Chesapeake is working alongside other Habitat affiliates to address the racial wealth gap through homeowner education and affordable homeownership.