Habitat Partners with Johns Hopkins Hospital and United Way

This summer, missions melded as Habitat Chesapeake crossed paths with one of the nation’s top-ranking medical centers, The Johns Hopkins Hospital in a partnership to build affordable housing and to promote affordable homeownership.

The project launch represents the beginning of a new community development project in East Baltimore being undertaken in cooperation with The Johns Hopkins Hospital and United Way of Central Maryland. Together they will sponsor the Johns Hopkins Medicine House, in addition to providing the crucial funds to turn a 3-sided structure into a home. Over the coming months, staff from Johns Hopkins Medicine will also lend a hand on our construction site, insulating walls, hanging drywall, laying laminate flooring and more.

For Dr. Charles Reuland, COO of Johns Hopkins Hospital and United Way of Central Maryland Board Member, the partnership between the trio is a long-awaited accomplishment years in the making “I was a volunteer for a build day many years ago in Sandtown, and have never forgotten the feeling of contributing sweat equity to this great cause. Years later, we do have the ability to contribute financially as well, as so my wife and I have seized the opportunity to do that and hopefully jumpstart a three-year program for Johns Hopkins leaders to sponsor the program in our local community.”

The Hopkins Medicine house is located at 2542 East Eager Street, in the East Baltimore neighborhood of Milton-Montford and is one of 16 units slotted for rehabilitation east of Johns Hopkins Hospital. In addition to sponsoring a home that will be sold to an individual or  family within the 30% area median income range, “as a board member of the United Way of Central Maryland, I see the United Way as a partner to help provide “wrap around” services to the individuals of this program, and thereby contribute to its sustainability” notes Charles. 

In the coming weeks groups of Johns Hopkins executives and staff will begin working on the home’s reconstruction. Even better, Johns Hopkins will work alongside Habitat Chesapeake’s Homeowner Services team to provide Homebuyer Information Sessions geared toward Hopkins employees as well as recruitment efforts throughout the hospital. 

“We believe that if you give people the chance to do something good for those who can benefit, they usually jump at that chance. So hopefully this is the first of many opportunities to contribute.” We couldn’t agree with Dr. Reuland more! We are excited for the growing partnership and are thankful that the path forward includes such a purposeful partnership. 

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