It's Time to Build or Bust!

As many are preparing for summer and all that comes along with it - warm weather, vacations, beach life, and lots of sun - Habitat Chesapeake is in the prime of build season. Over the next few months, we will welcome thousands of volunteers to drill, drywall, paint and hammer in the name of building more homes, communities and hope. Yes, for our construction team and volunteers, blue skies and summer sun mean one thing, and one thing only - time to Build or Bust!

This year we kicked build season into high gear early with the launch of the Home is the Key Build in April, in which realtors, contractors, building supply manufacturers and other experts came together to do what they do best: build dream homes. Then, in May, we hosted more than 60 female supporters at Women Build. Next, we’ll amp things up at the 27th Annual Summer Build Week June 25 - 29, where 300+ volunteers from Stanley Black & Decker will install flooring, insulation, drywall, trim and paint at homes across Sandtown in West Baltimore.

The event is the perfect example of Stanley Black & Decker’s motto - ‘tools for those who make the world’ - in action, as their team will put a wide range of power tools to use making the worlds of Sandtown and of several deserving families brighter. In addition to supplying hundreds of helping hands, Stanley Black & Decker provides generous financial support and in-kind donations of tools that Habitat uses throughout the year.
Summer Build will also coincide with our first-ever Pride Build on June 28, where we will embrace the diversity and generosity of Central Maryland’s LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) community! While this is the last major event for awhile, build season will continue. Day-after-day this summer, dozens of volunteers will sweat it out, taking advantage of the good weather to get more homes ready for families in need.

It takes a lot of resources to be ready for build season, but the most critical is funding. Volunteers and in save costs on labor and supplies, but building dream homes still requires a lot of up-front capital. for lumber, drywall, doors, windows, flooring and more. We are grateful to all of the individuals, foundations, corporations, community associations and public agencies who understand this need.
With the builds you can see, there is no rest to be had during build season! when you build or bust with Habitat Chesapeake! In fact, looking ahead, we are more excited than ever to bring the many hands of Habitat together to bring about dynamic change within the communities that we serve. Be sure to keep a look out for more updates on Summer Build Week, Pride Build and other build events coming down the pipeline as we continue to build more frames and bust through as many walls as needed to bring more deserving families closer to home.


Want to make an impact on your own and help us Build or Bust? consider making a donation to our Build or Bust Campaign.