Home is where the ❤️ is

When Dalena escorted her two young daughters to their new rooms on dedication day, the excitement in the air was contagious. With the climb of each step, the anticipation arose, not just for the girls, but for their mother as well. By this time, it was certain that the months of hard work, met deadlines, stressful classes, intense budgeting, and what seemed like endless sweat equity hours was well worth the sacrifice. What once seemed like a mountain to climb was now a hill in hindsight.

When the girls reached their rooms there was cheering from the entire family and smiles on every face. For Riley, the youngest of the two, her new room meant a new paint color (purple and gold was her choice) and a closet all to herself. Right across the hall was 10-year-old Reagan’s room who immediately began envisioning where she would place her bed, her dream paint color and how she and her little sister could play hide-and-seek in their new space. Still in disbelief, Reagan shut herself away in her closet for a brief moment them jumped out with arms stretched to the sky exclaiming “This is the best day ever!”

The impact of Dalena’s home will extend well beyond herself. Not only does she have a beautiful home that will improve her family’s quality of life but a reinforced foundation in financial literacy that will assist in managing her finances effectively thus maintaining her long-term investment.

“I’ve always thought about owning a home but never thought I could do it” shared Dalena as she addressed guests during her home dedication, “The process was hard but it was well worth it and I am really excited to have a home for my mom and my children.”

Congratulations Dalena – You Did It!