Building On Faith

Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake staff and HabiCorps program members pose in front of the Washington Monument in April 2023.

North Baltimore Presbyterians Put Faith Into Action in Woodbourne-McCabe

The North Baltimore Presbyterians (NBP) are back at it again! Early this summer, Habitat Chesapeake hosted a series of build days with our long-time faith partners, who are generously sponsoring their 4th Habitat home in Woodbourne-McCabe. This time they put faith into action while working alongside our HabiCorps Trainees!

NBP are no strangers to Habitat’s work in this close-knit community. It comes at no surprise that a handful of volunteers could even recite a list of projects dating back several years, illustrating their commitment to Habitat’s mission of building affordable homes across the Chesapeake.

“We’ve worked in a ton of communities,” said one volunteer. “We’ve done painting, built cabinets at Orchard Ridge, and even helped break up concrete in a basement with a jackhammer.”

What thrilled us about this faith partnership with Habitat was the opportunity to be in a particular neighborhood so that relationships could be formed, and finding out that Habitat was really invested in the neighborhood – not just building a house, but a community.

— Reverend Jennifer DiFrancesco, pastor at Havenwood Presbyterian

While spending time reflecting on their service, Rick, a now retired engineer, long-time volunteer, and member of Havenwood Presbyterian Church noted, “My older son was 16 years old when he first hung drywall in Pigtown. He’s now 37,” he recounted, “Even though my son has since grown up and moved away, I continue to come back with Havenwood to rehab homes…It just makes you feel good.”

This summer also provided the perfect opportunity for NBP volunteers to get some hands-on instruction from our HabiCorps Trainees. With the completion of their 10.5 months of training drawing near, the cohort of trainees have engrained themselves into the workings of building Habitat homes. The HabiCorps Workforce Development training program provides 1700 hours of meaningful training in construction and trade skills, including carpentry, landscaping, and property maintenance. All Trainees also receive resume building and interview skills on top of job placement and an education grant upon successful completion of the program. 

These Trainees have been working hard to build new skills across our construction sites — so much so that they were able to lead volunteers in hanging drywall, ultimately putting the home ahead in its construction schedule!

We are extremely grateful to the North Baltimore Presbyterian Group and their dedication to fostering a culture where faith is more than words, and action is a living testimony of their commitment and devotion to this Baltimore community.

North Baltimore Presbyterians at Glenwood Ave in June 2023
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Ward Street after construction is nearly completed. Brick rowhomes with green planters and white marbles steps sit three in a row.
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Watch this video with Rev. Jennifer DiFrancesco to learn more about the North Baltimore Presbyterians & their work in Woodbourne-McCabe with Habitat Chesapeake!


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