Meet Niya – An American dream realized

For Habitat Chesapeake homeowner Niya Wilson, securing a new home for her family did not come on the first try. After initially being turned down, she made the necessary adjustments to her finances and reapplied. The second time was a charm for this native Charm City resident, now finally, ecstatically, able to move into her first house.

Niya currently works at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where several of her coworkers also own homes through Habitat for Humanity and told her about the program. Her previous homes have all been one-floor apartments; she explains that she will have to get used to a multi-level living space but assures us that she is more than happy to make the adjustment. Recognizing that being a first-time homeowner does not come without its obstacles, she says that she is excited to step up to the challenge and is looking forward to managing her own house.

Through her volunteer “sweat equity” hours, Niya learned valuable installation, maintenance and repair lessons and states that installing flooring was her favorite part of this particular process, working on homes in her very own McCabe community.

Since she began the Habitat process, Niya and her 21-year-old daughter have been living with Niya’s mother. As winter snow turns into spring flowers, Niya Wilson will be taking on a fresh start of her own this weekend as a proud new homeowner.