Executive Team

Mike Posko, Chief Executive Officer

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(410) 366-1250 x 116

Candice Van Scoy, Chief Financial Officer

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(410) 366-1250 x 121

Stephen Bolton, Chief Operating Officer

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(410) 366-1250 x 110

Gregg Mitchell, Chief Advancement Officer

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(410) 366-1250 x 122


 Evelyn Anderson, Executive Assistant to CEO

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 (410) 366-1250 x 143

Christine Schmidt, Office Administrator

Emai Christine

(410) 366-1250 x 135

Community Engagement

Leila Kohler-Frueh, Director of Community Engagement

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(410) 366-1250 x 128


Bob Anderson, Senior Construction Supervisor

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(410) 366-1250 x 132


Eric Bernhardt, Physical Assets Manager

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(410) 366-1250 x 118


Gary Mitchell, Construction Site Supervisor

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 Issac Newman, Construction Site Supervisor

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Fred Reno, Construction Site Supervisor

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  Ian Bukowski, Construction Site Supervisor

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  (410) 366-1250 x 115

Denise Sample, Construction Site Supervisor

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Leroy Smith, HabiCorps Carpentry Instructor

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Michael Garcia, Director of Donor Relations

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(410) 366-1250 x 105

 Kate Sam, Director of Communications

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 (410) 366-1250 x 140

 Diana Kean, Community Partnerships and Events Manager

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 (410) 366-1250 x 157 

Latrice Alsup, Development Associate

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(410) 366-1250 x 102

 Britt Hayes, Communications Manager

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 (410) 366-1250 x 103

 Dalenna Martin, Grants Manager

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 (443) 297-5234

Homeowner Services

Lauren Hughes, Director of Homeowner Services

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(410) 366-1250 x 152

Nina Anderson, Homeowner Outreach Coordinator

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(410) 366-1250 x 149

 Kyle Tilghman, Homeowner Support Coordinator

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 (410) 366-1250 x 150


Renee Ferguson, Office & Human Resources Manager

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(410) 366-1250 x 131

Barbara Baer, Accounting Administrator

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(410) 366-1250 x 109

Jerry Hazelwood, Compliance Manager

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(410) 366-1250 x 113

Dhvani Shelat, Senior Financial Analyst

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(410) 366-1250 x 137

Jay Striby, Sr. Construction Cost Accountant

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(410) 366-1250 x 130

Brent Webb-Hicks, Senior Financial Analyst

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(410) 366-1250 x 123


  John Braden, ReStore Director

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  (410) 366-1250 

  Leslie Clarke, ReStore Marketing Manager

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  (410) 366-1250 x 117

 Jeff Arndt, ReStore Operations Manager

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  (410) 366-1250 x 181

Debbie Smith, ReStore Logistics Manager

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(410) 366-1250 x 141

  Vince Wagner, ReStore Procurement Manager

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Trey Wilson, Glen Burnie ReStore Manager

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Michael Hill, Glen Burnie Assistant ReStore Manager

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Adam Marchincin, Columbia ReStore Manager

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Tonya Lawrence, Columbia Assistant ReStore Manager

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Matthew Connolley, Dundalk ReStore Manager

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Larnease Sunkins, Dundalk Assistant ReStore Manager

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Heather Cummings, Halethorpe ReStore Manager

Email Heather


Jacob Ironside, Halethorpe Assistant ReStore Manager

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Mark Lange, Sandtown ReStore Manager

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Kevin Law, Timonium ReStore Manager

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 Timonium Assistant ReStore Manager




Volunteer Engagement

Matt Herzberg, Volunteer Engagement Manager

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(410) 366-1250 x 111

Jeff Hardy, Volunteer Coordinator

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(410) 366-1250 x 111


Kristen Sheppy, AmeriCorps Program Manager

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(410) 366-1250 x 112