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Join us as we kick off our fifth decade, and stay tuned for a new story each month as we thank all the groups, volunteers, partners, and individuals who are launching us into a future for affordable housing. This January, learn more about our mission to help new homeowners and meet one of our homebuyers below!


When Jane bought her Habitat home in Sandtown-Winchester, she didn’t know that she was buying so much more than a house. She couldn’t have known that this home on Leslie Street would become a meeting place for all her friends, family, and neighbors, and eventually be handed down to her children. Last summer, she paid off her mortgage on her home. 

I think homeownership is important because there is a great sense of accomplishment,” said Jane. “Being a homeowner wasn’t just about me – it was about my family, my community, it was being part of a bigger picture, and I think everybody should have the opportunity to be able to call something their own.” 





Habitat Chesapeake would like to thank you for making 40 years of service possible. To help us bring homes and hope to families for decades to come, please consider donating time, services, or funds to help us carry our mission into the future.