Veterans Day Build 

November 9, 2018

Veterans Day Build, an initiative of Habitat for Humanity International, focuses on the power of the Veteran community coming together to build affordable homes for families in need. In Central Maryland, Habitat Chesapeake holds a variety of events to engage and support communities through service, sponsorship and educational opportunities. Read more about the impact here!



How You Can Help


Take action by asking friends and family to support the cause you care about! Your fundraiser will spread the word about Habitat Chesapeake's work and allow us to build more homes for partner families. All fundraisers who collect more than $300 are invited to volunteer during Veterans Build Week! Fundraise for Veterans Day Build.



Take action by encouraging your company or organization to be a Veterans Build Week sponsor! Sponsorships allow us to build more affordable homes for families in need. All sponsors are invited to volunteer building homes during Veterans Build Week, too! Sponsor Veterans Day Build.

Please click here to download a 2018 Veterans Day Build flyer.

If you would like to support Veterans Day Build without fundraising for the event or leading a group volunteer day, you can simply donate now.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact Mike Garcia at