Celebrating 40 years of homes, communities, and hope




Habitat begins first construction in Sandtown


The Carters rehab 10 homes in Sandtown


Habitat acquires first property in Howard County


30 homes are announced in East Baltimore's Orchard Ridge


Over 780 homes, 6 ReStores, and 19 neighborhoods impacted
“[Habitat] has this beautiful testament to the power of owning a home for the first time. I think that’s a really important piece in terms of giving people opportunity.”


Claudia Wilson Randall, Executive Director, Community Development Network of Maryland

Join us as we kick off our fifth decade and stay tuned for a new story each month as we thank all the groups, volunteers, partners, and individuals who are launching us into a future for affordable housing. Watch this video to learn more about how we’re celebrating the start of our fifth decade and scroll down to see our stories!

Habitat Chesapeake invites you to join us in celebrating 40 years of building up women as homeowners, volunteers, construction industry workers, and so much more. Hear from female Habitat Chesapeake staff & board members about why homeownership matters especially to women, and read Carmen’s story about the life-changing step she took to partner with us. Check out photos and videos from Women Build as well!

Habitat Chesapeake doesn’t just build homes — we also build skills and experience. By working with youth & educators, Habitat ensures that the next generation will be prepared to carry on the mission of affordable housing for all in Maryland. Habitat also builds on self-empowerment by guiding first-time homebuyers to resources to better educate themselves about finances and the housing market. We’re celebrating 40 years of education, from training youth leaders to future homebuyers, who make home ownership Built to Last!

This March, we’re celebrating 40 years of SERVICE — including service to our communities through HabiCorps and AmeriCorps. HabiCorps graduate Edwin shares his story below, and hear from our sponsors and partners about why they support workforce development programs like HabiCorps. AmeriCorps service member Brandon shares his experience in a short video as we celebrate AmeriCorps Service Week.

At Habitat, we know that the dream of affordable housing is a necessity for people all across Maryland from all walks of life. Community advocates like the Community Development Network of Maryland help bring affordable housing to the forefront of policy initiatives and raise awareness for housing as a foundational community asset. Claudia Wilson Randall, Executive Director of CDN, sat down with Habitat Chesapeake to discuss the critical role that housing plays in community advocacy.  

When Jane bought her Habitat home in Sandtown-Winchester, she didn’t know that she was buying so much more than a house. She couldn’t have known that this home on Leslie Street would become a meeting place for all her friends, family, and neighbors, and eventually be handed down to her children. Last summer, she paid off her mortgage on her home. 

I think homeownership is important because there is a great sense of accomplishment,” said Jane. “Being a homeowner wasn’t just about me – it was about my family, my community, it was being part of a bigger picture, and I think everybody should have the opportunity to be able to call something their own.” 





Habitat Chesapeake would like to thank you for making 40 years of service possible. To help us bring homes and hope to families for decades to come, please consider donating time, services, or funds to help us carry our mission into the future.